Cheapest Place To Buy Bitcoins: 11 Safe, Low-Cost Bitcoin Exchanges

Where to buy bitcoin at a low price? What’s the cheapest way to buy and send bitcoin? Where is the easiest place to buy bitcoins?

If you ask yourself the same question, then you are on the right page. I know that more and more are drawn to Bitcoins. It has evolved from being an obscure digital token to being a payment method that millions of stores worldwide accept. Many even believe that it’s the currency of the future.

You will need a crypto exchange to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, there are too many crypto exchanges available that choosing the best one can be confusing.

The best way to buy Bitcoin is to consider a low transaction fee, convenient payment methods, a variety of digital assets that you can purchase, and of course, it should be something easy to set up.

I understand that you are looking for places to buy Bitcoin and I’m here to not just give you one, but the best options available for you in different categories.

So, without further ado, let’s get started and explore the different ways to buy Bitcoin and discover the best places to buy your favorite cryptocurrencies!

What Is The Best Place To Buy Bitcoin?

Buying Bitcoin is not really difficult because there are lots of Bitcoin exchanges available. However, sometimes, having too many options make it difficult for some to decide which to choose. Since there are too many cryptocurrency exchanges available, I am here to help you narrow down your choices.

The Bitcoin exchanges I’ll be mentioning in this section are the best overall — security, transaction fees, Bitcoin price, and cryptocurrencies. They are popular and safe, so I highly recommend these places to buy Bitcoin.

1. eToro

eToro is an industry global leader since 2007. It supports over 20 million users and 20 million crypto transactions in 140 countries. No wonder it’s one of the most popular places to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Stellar Lumens, NEO, EOS, Cardano, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash, IOTA, Zcash, Tron, Tezos, Chainlink, and Uniswap.

The best feature of eToro is CopyTrader, a technology that allows one to start copying other traders automatically. Whether you are a beginner or too busy to study the techniques of the pros, CopyTrader allows you to replicate the moves of the successful trader inside your own portfolio. So, you can be as successful as the professionals without spending too much time studying the craft.

eToro app can trade cryptocurrencies anywhere, anytime. It has a clean and user-friendly interface which makes it very easy for one to trade regardless of the experience. Plus, it offers many options for you to pay including credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfers.

Another great thing about this Bitcoin exchange is that it doesn’t charge deposit and withdrawal fees. But there is a minimum $50 deposit when opening an account.

Overall, eToro is a really good place to buy Bitcoin. So, don’t be hesitant to check it out when you need to buy Bitcoin.


• Supports 16 cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin and more)
• Mobile app connects directly to the eToro wallet
• Safe and trusted platform with world-class security
• Allows you to use a credit card, debit card, wire transfer for payment
• CopyTrader – standout feature for beginners


• High non-trading fees
• Unclear copy trading statistics
• Lack advanced order placement controls

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2. BlockFi

For long-term investors who want to earn interest in their crypto assets, BlockFi is the best place to buy Bitcoin. The exchange allows you to use Bitcoin as collateral to secure investments and purchases. Plus, it has no transaction fee when crypto trading.

The best feature of BlockFi is the staking rewards. Some cryptocurrencies like Tezos and Ethereum have staking rewards that allow you to earn money by leaving your crypto on the exchange. The platform will use your crypto asset to mine other cryptocurrencies. As a reward, they will give gift cards.

Also, in early 2021, BlockFi released the Bitcoin Rewards Visa Credit Card that works like a cash-back credit card except that you earn crypto instead of cash. The platform offers a 1.5% reward on all purchases and a $250 Bitcoin bonus when you spend $3,000 in the first three months.

And, it’s among the safest platforms for Bitcoin investors because of its cold storage system. Its custodian, Gemini, is a New York trust company and the new York State Department of Financial Services oversees its SOC 2 Type 1 security compliance, protecting your crypto wallet.


• No hidden fees
• No minimum balances
• No monthly fees
• No commission fee
• Available worldwide
• Earn up to 8.6% APY on crypto holdings
• Borrow money and use your crypto as collateral
• Fund your account with USD, crypto, or stablecoins
• Best Bitcoin exchange for earning interest on deposits


• Volatile APY and loan rate
• No joint or custodial accounts
• Limited free withdrawals from interest accounts
• Unprotected savings from bank failure

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This exchange offers you a simple and safe platform to trade. It is an award-winning platform and it is fully regulated and complies with AML and KYC laws, so you can bank on it when it comes to security. It allows you to trade crypto with zero spread that’s why it’s one of the best places to buy Bitcoin.

So why First, it has 2000+ top-traded tokenized assets and cryptos. Second, it offers competitive commissions with no hidden fees.

Third, it has the best affiliate and referral offers. And, one can also make profits from tokenized government bonds and corporate bond investments.

It is simple yet powerful because it has tons of features that are very helpful for cryptocurrency trading and buying Bitcoin.

For instance, it has powerful charts and 75 technical indicators, instant price alerts and split-second transactions, negative balance protection, and guaranteed stop-loss.

Also, aims to be a world-class platform that rewards knowledgeable and skilled investing.

It also makes it easier for investors to pay their transactions by allowing multiple payment providers and the use of a credit or debit card. It also has 24/7 customer support and a full-fledged demo account if you want to see how price action develops and understand the risks inherent in leverage.

A demo account is a good way to understand how the platform work, get a feel of the trading condition and develop your own cryptocurrency trading strategies.


• 2,000+ tokenized assets to trade
• Tight market spreads
• Leverage up to 1:500
• Fully regulated trading platform
• Real-time price alerts
• 24/7 customer support
• Low minimum deposits
• Full-fledged demo account


• No access for U.S. residents
• Tokenized assets are falling out of favor with regulators worldwide
• Minimum withdrawal amounts for all cryptos
• No borrowing, lending or staking of assets

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4. Binance

Binance is one of the most popular Bitcoin exchanges because it’s the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. You can buy and sell crypto assets on the platform in minutes.

One of the best things about Binance is the diversity of assets available on the platform. It has over 200+ crypto assets, so expect to find tons of cryptocurrencies on the platform aside from Bitcoin. It’s not as user-friendly as the other exchanges but it’s not very difficult to use either. Those who try to use it were able to start trading in minutes!

Binance is a huge success and it has already expanded its products and services. In fact, it partners with Simplex to allow users to use their credit and debit cards to pay for their transactions. About 15% of the crypto-assets can be purchased using debit cards but the purchase comes with a 3.5% fee.

It offers three interfaces when buying Bitcoins — basic, classic and advanced — to match your experience and expertise. Basic is for first-time users, classic offers a market trading snapshot and advanced are for experienced traders.

Also, Binance, if I may say is user-friendly. It has a 24/7 customer service team that is ready to help you resolve your credit and debit card payments, fees, wallets, and other technical issues.

Binance also keeps their users informed about the updates of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because they have a blog with the latest trends in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and an online message board.


• Safe and secure
• Excellent reputation
• Active social channels
• Packed with useful features
• Established industry presence
• One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges
• Has over 200+ crypto coins on the platform
• Allows credit card, debit card or bank transfer to pay for transactions
• The trading app is compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and more


• Not ideal for beginners
• Lacks phone customer support

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5. Coinmama

Coinmama is the easiest way to buy and sell cryptocurrency which makes it a good starter for those who are completely new to buying Bitcoins. Do not worry, it is trusted by nearly 3 million people across 188 countries since 2013. So, yes, the brand has a good reputation. I can say it is safe and reliable.

Also, it is best if you want a fast transaction because Coinmama understands the investors’ sense of urgency that’s why it offers a quick way for setup and verification. You can complete the account setup and start purchasing in minutes.

It’s the go-to option for those looking to buy Bitcoin immediately because it has a streamlined platform and mobile app that simplify the sign-up process, so you can spend less time waiting and more time trading. It also offers instant delivery — just place your order and get your coins instantly. No deposits are required.

Plus, it has all your favorite coins Cash, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Cardano, Litecoin, Tezos, of course, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

The exchange also offers several payment options, including credit and debit cards, Apple Pay or bank transfer. However, the mode of payments and loyalty levels affect the fees. Express debit card purchases usually incur a 5% surcharge.

Moreover, they have high spending limits that will surely allow you to buy Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies you want without holding back. New users can join Coinmama’s affiliate program and earn a 15% commission on all referral purchases. So, try this way to buy Bitcoin and let us know your experience.


• Instant delivery
• Beginner-friendly
• Available worldwide
• High spending limits
• Fast-track verification
• Many payment options
• Offers your favorite coins
• Helpful customer support


• High fees
• No advanced trading features

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What Is The Safest Bitcoin Site?

Cryptocurrency exchanges are safe platforms to buy and sell bitcoin and other digital assets like Bitcoin. Most, if not all, claim to be safe but a few stand out in this area.

Finding a safe place to buy Bitcoin is easy, just check the reviews of the Bitcoin exchange and find out what the other users say about their experience with the platform.

1. Phemex

Phemex is a cryptocurrency exchange that offers spot, derivatives, and simulated trading on a single unified platform. The premium users have the ability to buy crypto by paying fees on its spot exchange for major cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and Link. It is safe because it has cold wallet storage to keep the funds safe on the exchange.

Phemex is easy to work with because it has a demo account for beginners to practice with 300K transactions per second. It has competitive trading fees and advanced order types to manage risk. Plus it has a fast and responsive mobile trading app.

The cryptocurrency exchange provides both futures contract trading and spot trading services. It’s the first in the industry to offer a low-cost membership model that will allow users to spot trade Bitcoin with zero fees.

Its perpetual contracts can be traded with up to 100x leverage. It also offers a non-crypto GOLD USD trading pair contract with more traditional assets and commodities. It is safe and has low fees, so it’s a good place to buy and sell Bitcoin.


• Advanced functionalities
• Strongest wallet security
• 24/7 live multilingual support
• High performance with 300K transactions per second
• Offers $100 welcome bonus


• Complex fee structure
• Requires withdrawal fees for most cryptos
• Minimum withdrawal amounts
• Has no lending services

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2. Shapeshift

Shapelift is another safe place to buy Bitcoin. It is a digital marketplace founded by veteran crypto leader Erik Voorhees in 2014. It offers crypto services to users worldwide. The online exchange also offers you the ability to quickly swap between assets in a seamless, safe, and secure environment.

It is the first of its kind cross-chain swaps powered by 0x and THORChain with 1000s of trade pairs with FOX back on every trade. It also supports over 750 cryptocurrencies across 11 blockchains. It is secure and non-custodial and allows you to safely send, receive, buy, trade, and store your crypto assets.

It is decentralized and unlike most centralized custodians, Shapeshift gives you total control of your crypto and makes buying Bitcoin a breeze. You can easily connect your favorite crypto wallet to get started and it doesn’t require you to open an account. It doesn’t require IDs or fees.


• Safe and secured
• Fast transaction
• Real-time trading
• Built-in hardware wallet
• No custodial funds holding


• Trading fees vary
• No customer support

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This is a trusted and secure Bitcoin and crypto exchange that offers you the easiest and safest platform for buying, selling, trading, and earning cryptocurrencies. The platform has certificates like PCI DSS that serve as proof of its service’s safety.

It has a money service business status in FinCEN. It complies with the legal requirements of the countries where it functions. It also has two-factor authentication, DDoS protection, and the use of multi-signature Bitcoin addresses making it one of the safest crypto exchanges in the USA and around the globe.

It also comes with 24/7 customer support to answer your concerns. It makes everything possible to ensure fast processing of inquiries. And for your peace of mind and satisfaction, the support team goes through carefully designed intensive training. They are professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Buying bitcoin with is fun, convenient, and very relaxing.


• Strong security
• Easy withdrawal
• Faster payments
• Range of API solutions
• Reliable order execution
• Competitive commissions
• Multiple payment methods (SWIFT, SEPA, ACH)
• 24/7 customer support (email, phone and live chat)


• No advanced order types
• A limited number of currencies supported
• No staking rewards, crypto-backed loans, and savings features

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Which Crypto Site Has Lowest Fees?

Finding the best crypto exchange can be challenging because there are too many of them on the market. However, if you are particularly concern about finding one that offers low fees, this section is for you.

The exchanges in this section stand out when it comes to fees. They are the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin.

1. CoinSmart

CoinSmart is a crypto exchange based in Canada. It comes with a comprehensive identity verification process and it’s capable of detecting fake addresses or a date of birth using a database from the data collection agencies.

Many prefer it when it comes to buying Bitcoin because it is one of the exchanges that offer the lowest fees. It offers a 0% fee for Bank Wire and Bank Draft and up to a 6% fee on credit or debit cards. and 1% fee on electronic funds transfer.

​​CoinSmart is designed to make crypto simple. The company wants its users to have a digital currency exchange that they can actually understand. It’s for both beginners and experts because CoinSmart aims to make cryptocurrency accessible to everyone conveniently, so it allows you to buy and sell bitcoin and other digital currencies via desktop and mobile.

It has advanced trade features for experts that include the following limiting orders, stopping loss, and real-time charting. It also comes with the SmartTrade feature that lets you trade from one coin to another without the limitation of trading Bitcoin or Ethereum first. Moreover, it lets you track all your trades and trading activity for ease of use.

I have a smooth and fast transaction with CoinSmart. But for me, it stands out due to the low fees it offers compared to others. So, if you are very particular with the transaction fees, the cheapest way to buy Bitcoin is through CoinSmart.


• Offers low fees compared to other exchanges
• Supports multiple funding methods
• Has order book functionality for customized orders
• Allows you to track your trading activity
• Two-factor authentication system for security


• Cash withdrawal takes 5 business days

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2. PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT is an award-winning trading platform that allows you to trade global financial markets using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, USD Tether, USDC and more. It also has access to global markets and 24/7 support.

Furthermore, it allows you to earn by inviting friends and pays up to 50% of the trading fees paid by them. Convesting is a smart way to trade where you can select from the best performing traders and copy their trading activity automatically.

You can also let others follow your trade and earn extra income for doing so. With convesting, copy-trading platform, you can earn up to 20% of all profits earned from your followers.

It’s a great option for low-cost exchanges because it allows you to open a free account with attractive trading conditions and competitive fees. The trading fee is 0.05% for takers and 0.02% for makers, 0.01% for Indices & Commodities, and 0.001% for Forex majors.

It doesn’t have a demo mode for inexperienced traders. But I still find it to be among the best exchanges especially for those who want a simple platform to trade with leverage. PrimeXBT is worth a try, so you better check it out.


• Low fees
• High volume
• High leverage
• 24/7 support
• Global markets
• Fast order execution
• Increases profitability
• Offers privacy and security
• Has received multiple international awards
• Offers the most innovative products


• No demo account
• No other collateral than BTC
• USA and Québec not allowed
• No fiat currency deposits and withdrawals
• High limits of minimum order sizes

Click Here To Check PrimeXBT

3. FixedFLoat

FixedFloat aims to provide flexible solutions tailored to their customers’ wants and needs. Plus, it has a robust design and fast processing. It doesn’t require sign-ups, so no hassle. It also saves you a lot of time.

Moreover, it has friendly and dedicated customer support who are willing to help you every step of the way. No matter what your concern, you can trust them to help you find the solution no matter what issues you encounter when using the platform.

Also, you can choose to go for either fixed or floating exchange rates depending on what fits your strategy. You can then let the bots do the hard work of picking the best deal for you. FixedFloat supports tons of currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Binance USD, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, and more.

FixedFloat was launched by a team of blockchain experts with extensive experience in finance, web tech, and entrepreneurship. The team behind the platform is united by the idea of creating the best-in-class digital asset exchange platform that meets all the needs of the crypto community.


• Low trading fees
• No extra charges
• Best exchange rates
• Instant transaction confirmation
• Simple and interactive user-friendly interface
• Allows you to trade with small amounts
• Responsive technical customer support


• No fiat currency trading
• The exchange is still new compared to others

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What Is The Cheapest Way To Buy And Send Bitcoin?

Finding the best location to buy Bitcoin depends on your location and when you buy it because Bitcoin is volatile and its price can change drastically from time to time.

I wouldn’t recommend a particular exchange because as mentioned, it depends on several factors.

However, I will help you find the best one near your place by sharing with you the different factors that you should consider.

Fees. The different exchanges may impose various fees, including deposit fees, transaction fees, and withdrawal fees. When combined altogether it will affect the total amount you receive.

Exchange rate or spread. Some exchanges offer extremely low fees while others hide their fees by larger spreads making you pay more if you are buying bitcoin or receiving less if you are selling bitcoin.

Country support. You should make sure that the exchange is supported by your country. Otherwise, it won’t be useful for you.

Limits on how much you can buy. Most exchanges restrict your buying and selling amount based on your time with them. The amount of personal information you have given them to satisfy the KYC and AML regulations.

Payment methods. Normally, the cheapest payment method is bank transfers or wire transfers. Some also allow credit cards, but they usually ask for higher charges for that.

Reputation. When choosing an exchange to work with, you have to research about the exchange if it is trustworthy. Always choose the one with great reviews because that would answer whether the company has a good reputation or not.

Can I Buy Bitcoin For $100?

How do you invest in bitcoin? If you are planning to start your Bitcoin investment with $100, no problem. You can invest in as little as $100.

You can buy bitcoin fractions up to $100 which means that you do not have to buy a whole coin which is currently retailing at $51, 658.

Bitcoin units referred to as Satoshi is divisible to eight decimal places and a single Bitcoin is equal to 100,000,000 satoshis.

You can also buy or sell one-thousandth of a bitcoin.

Is Coinbase Pro The Cheapest Way To Buy Bitcoin?

Coinbase is a very popular exchange. However, Coinbase Pro offers a better rate than it. I can’t say that Coinbase Pro is the cheapest but it’s sure is one of the exchanges that offer the least or minimal fees.

Coinbase Pro is Coinbaise’s GDAX (Global Digital Asset Exchange). It is called Pro for a reason — it is for serious and professional traders. You will easily understand once you use the exchange.

Coinbase has a very simple user interface while Coinbase Pro can be fairly intimidating. So, yes, Coinbase offers significantly higher fees for the simper interface.

Using Coinbase, you can easily make selections to Buy or Sell, Choose assets like Bitcoin and enter the amount USD. It’s somewhat similar to Coinbase Pro, but the latter also offers you to specify an order type that defaults to Market and the type of order type will help you pay a lot less.

So yes, when it comes to fees, Coinbase costs more. It can charge you O.5% for a Spread which can be higher in volatile markets. Also, it charges a Coinbase Fee which is higher than a Flat Fee.

For example, buying a $100 bitcoin may incur you $2.99 flat fee or $2.99 plus a 0.5% spread for a total of 3.49%.

Coinbase Pro’s trading fees are designed in an industry standard tiered structure. It is dependent on the maker/taker status. The fees start at 0.50% and taper downward for higher volume traders based on monthly trading volume. Most retail traders only pay up to 0.5% which is really low compared to other exchanges.

So, if you want to buy Bitcoin and avoid outrageous fees, Coinbase Pro is a good option.

How Can I Buy Bitcoins Without Fees?

Are you aware that the trading fees when you buy Bitcoins could cost a fortune if you continue paying them for years? And do you know that you can actually buy Bitcoin without fees?

Yes, you can if you cut out the middleman. If you do so, you’ll see how much you will save over time by buying Bitcoins with ZERO fees. And that is something that you have to learn especially if you want to be a successful trader.

95% of people are not aware of this and end up paying fees between 0.1% to 7% on all of their transactions, which is quite high. So, how do I buy Bitcoins with no fees?

Here are some options for you.

1. Coinbase Pro

You probably heard about Coinbase already. But do you know that it also runs a less popular trading platform called Coinbase Pro? The second one offers users to buy Bitcoin with low and even zero fees.

Here’s how to do it.

Coinbase Pro offers users two types of trades.

1. Taker Trades. Take someone’s offer to buy or sell Bitcoin at a certain price.
2. Maker trades: You are the original creator of order in the first place. When you are the maker, you can buy Bitcoin without fees!

2. Use no fee cryptocurrency exchanges

Aside from Coinbase Pro that offers you an option to trade with zero fees, there are Bitcoin exchanges that offer crypto trade with zero commission and you can use them to save money. Here are some of the best places to buy Bitcoin with minimal to zero fees.

Here are the best exchanges to trade with no fees.

1. Phemex – Known for its fast trade execution and demo account
2. – The leading digital platform with wide range of digital assets
3. Kucoin – A trusted exchange and very popular for altcoin trading
4. Digitex – A great exchange for crypto day traders
5. Amplify – Highly recommended for beginners and who are new to trading fiat, BTC, ETH
6. Shapeshift – Allows instant crypto swaps with zero fees
7. BLADE – This exchange is backed by Coinbase and other world-class investors
8. Lykke – An innovative digital exchange that offers forex and crypto

Wrap Up

There are too many crypto exchanges available where you can buy Bitcoins. But the top five exchanges are the best places to buy Bitcoins.

We also added more by sharing with you the safest and low-cost Bitcoin exchanges. The best crypto exchange for you depends on your highest priority — security, price, features, or all of them.

Just remember that if you want to save and buy Bitcoin with zero fees then that is possible. Several exchanges offer no fees or zero commission like Phemex, Shapeshift, to name a few.

You will save money in the long run if you work with exchanges that are low-cost or have no fees. However, mind you, the user interface in those exchanges might not be so easy for beginners.

If you wish to learn more about Bitcoins, Bitcoin exchange, cryptocurrency, and more, check our blog.